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what we do

We are GRUPA PLUS ARCHITEKCI, a boutique architectural studio based in Warsaw, Poland. We specialize in high budget homes, hospitality market and offices.

Our range of services covers architectural and interior design, as well as graphic design, brand identity and signage. This comprehensive approach ensures full consistency of the project and high level of compliance with client expectations.

We are supported by experienced and trusted team of branch designers, supervisors, visualizers, experts, surveyors and geologists.

We can also provide contractor services in the construction, installations and interior finishing.

Tomasz Wuczyński

Active architect since 1995. Alumni of the faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of Warsaw University of Technology, and scholar of the University Of Detroit School Of Architecture. His design philosophy stems from collaboration with senior of polish architecture — Stefan Kuryłowicz, both as a student and later on as an employee.

He likes conscious and demanding customers. Open to dialogue, he believes that it’s always possible to reconcile the expectations of the client and the vision of the architect. This attitude is rooted in completion of multiple successful buildings and spaces.
True to the Louis Sullivan’s “form follows function” idea, he aims to design sparingly and thoughtfully, finding many contemporary architectural spaces pageant and lacking restraint. He is inspired by incredible ability of Japanese architects to embrace even the smallest available space.

Author of a few dozen building and interior designs: from office spaces and buildings, through hotels, to private residences and apartments. Thanks to experience in various branches of design, he has an unconventional approach towards resolving problems and doesn’t follow beaten schemes. He prioritizes good communication with both corporate and private clients.

One of his favorite designs is Poziom 511 Design Hotel&Spa, for which he received several prestigious hospitality trade awards. He had a unique opportunity to evaluate and analyze how the design was working out in real life, while serving as a managing director of the hotel for two first years of its operation.

our team

Tomasz Wuczyński

chief architect, founder

Piotr Turkowski

managing / development director, partner

Marta Wacholska

architect, interior designer

Bartłomiej Kolenda

architect, interior designer

Łukasz Mieleszkiewicz

architect, interior designer

Jakub Róziewicz

architect, interior designer

Beata Ptaszyńska

architect, interior designer